RMS Orders is an electronic order entry management for your referring physicians. It enables your referring physicians to send their orders electronically, streamlines your order entry process, reduces errors related to handwriting or transcription, provides error-checking for duplicate or incorrect doses or tests, and helps optimize your revenue cycle.

RMS Orders has been proven to improve communication and collaboration amongst your staffs and referring physicians offices and it solidifies relationships with referring physicians. Physicians' staffs are happier since RMS Orders cuts down the time to send orders by up to 70% and enable them to monitor the progress of their orders.

RMS Orders has helped many providers connect their system to their physicians network. Combined with RMS Reports and RMS Connect, RMS Services offer proven set of tools to manage, solidify and your relationship with your entire physicians community as well as improve your quality of service. Take a look at a case study on how RMS services have been helping a chain of imaging centers.


Click here to view a case study on RMS Services


RMS Orders is offered as cloud-based service, so there is no capital investment required and you can get started quickly. Best of all, you can start without any risks for 60 days. We are offering free electronic form ($500.00 value) for your facility and 60-days evaluation period with no commitment!

Call our sales team at 520-232-2216 or email us today to start streamlining your ordering process and strengthen relationship with your referring physicians network!