RMS Reports enables instant delivery and distribution of medical reports and/or notes as soon as they are approved to your referring physicians network. Reports are stored on our secure servers and they are accessible to authorized users online and soon on their smartphones or tablet computers such as Apple iPAD.  

RMS Reports fulfills the needs of your referring physicians to get their patients reports when and where they need them! RMS Reports is so simple to use and convenient for your referring physicians. Our service has been proven to increase referring physicians satisfaction for many years and streamlines results reporting process. No more phone calls from physicians looking for their reports.

RMS Reports utilizes the same technology platform as RMSConnect so you can easily transition to direct EMR integration when your physicians are ready. RMS Reports is offered as an online service so there is no up-front capital investment and we can get you started right away.

RMS Reports has helped many providers connect their system to their physicians network. Combined with RMS Orders and RMS Connect, RMS Services offer proven set of tools to manage, solidify and your relationship with your entire physicians community as well as improve your quality of service. Take a look at a case study on how RMS services have been helping a chain of imaging centers.


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We are offering free 60-days service for a limited time. Call our sales team at 520-232-2216 or email us today to sign up for RMS Reports service today!